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     Vital Energy Medicine

                A New Paradigm of Health & Wellness

The Next Level Of Healing Is ​Here!

Cindy offers a unique fusion blending the modalities of many Energy works in her healing sessions to include:

Eden Energy Medicine, Quantum Crystalline Energy, Energy Psychology, tapping, Kinesiology, Acupressure, Sound (vibrational) Healing, Emotional Balancing, Meditation, Substance Testing, Essential Oils and an amazing intuition that she has cultivated over the past 35 years of study. Together this combination of the above modalities is how Cindy achieves balance and a harmonized flow of energy Qi (pronounced "chi") within and around the body. Sessions are personalized and based on the needs of each individual client, as each body is unique and constantly changing. It's Cindy's vast knowledge through her training/studying, along with her passion in helping others, that has led her clients to increased Body, Heart and Soul Alignment!

During sessions, clients learn simple techniques they can take home to reinforce the work that has been done to accelerate their healing process. Cindy’s passion is to empower people to have effective, powerful tools to help improve their health and energy; particularly with our changing conventional health care environment. Energy medicine has the potential to truly be “preventative”; a concept in short supply in today’s health care challenges.

 Energy Medicine

 Energy Balancer

The Quickie Balancer is a protocol that can stand alone or be combined with other energy techniques. The overall purpose is to open your energies and activate better flow throughout your body so that it is ready to receive and more deeply integrate further energy work. It clears clogged energy (toxins) within the lymphatics and balances the basic energy systems in the body. The Quickie Energy Balancer combines hands-on stimulation of points on the body combined with energy tracing and other techniques to move energy IN the body and toxins OUT of the body. This allows the body's energies to better communicate and helps you "inhabit" your bodies more fully. Both relaxing & energizing, a fabulous introduction to Eden Energy Medicine.

60 minutes: $75

Chakra Clearing 

And Balancer

Your chakra clearing session begins with a relaxing Quickie Balancer Treatment. Then, your individual chakras will be energy tested to determine which ones could benefit from clearing or energizing as well as a check to be sure they are communicating with one another. 

each chakra is cleared and energized with care, thoughtfulness and loving intention. Crystals and Essential Oils accompany the healing raising the frequencies aiding in bringing a harmonic flow of energy within the vortexes. 

This sacred work can bring on profound relaxation, the sense of letting go and being "lighter", yet more fully in the body. 

90 Minutes: $100

Energy Medicine

Healing Session

Your Healing Session begins with a discussion about what is going on with you physically, emotionally & spiritually. 

Enjoy a relaxing Quickie Balancer, to open up the flow of your energies while taking the stress of the day away. Then, using Kinesiology (energy testing), Cindy will determine imbalances within your energy systems for either over or under energies and utilize energy medicine protocols such as acupressure to regain balance and a harmonic flow.

After your session, Cindy will review the irregular energies found and corrected and give "Self Care" recommendations so that you can maintain this balance at home.

90 Minutes: $100

Your treatment space provides a private, quiet, tranquil oasis where you begin to relax as soon as you enter her treatment room. 

The focus is on your needs, comfort and sense of absolute safety and trust.

Initial Consultation and Session: 2-1/2 Hours: $150  

Private return sessions: 1-1/2 hours: $100

Payment at time of services: Cash ~ Venmo ~ Paypal